"BRILLIANT ESYSTEMS LIMITED" is an information technology services Company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Incorporated in Kano, Nigeria. Founded in the year 2005, by Muhammad Mannir Ahmad. Registered in 2008 as Mannir Microsystems with Corporate Affairs Commission and Letter Upgrade the Company to Mannir Esystems Limited in 2012, and in 2021 we registered the Company with new Name as BRILLIANT ESYSTEMS LIMITED.  To deliver  Information Technology Services such as: Website Development, Software Solutions, Intelligent Database Developments, Information Technology Services, Embedded System Development, Installation and configuration of Cloud Servers and provide Cloud-Based database/portal websites for Government, Companies, Banks, Business, Organizations, Polytechnic, Universities/Colleges and other Educational Suppliers.

We apply our fresh perspective and extensive collection of skills to create or enhance any Computer system project. Providing key solutions in a variety of platforms and scripting language(s), we focus on the client’s goals to bring their vision to life. Of course, if your ideas haven't found their way onto paper or you haven't decided on the particulars, we can help guide you. Specializing in custom design solutions including Intelligent and Real time Systems, Recruitment portal, graphic design, Portal Website, Online Registration Systems, software for banks, companies, businesses and more, we find beauty in every new challenge.



  • helping people prosper and benefit from the Internet.



  • Be an active participant in the growth and development of Nigeria through the application of state of the art technology, management systems and carefully planned growth strategies to develop value added services in Nigeria.
  • Become a most reliable and dependable Information Communication Technology firm in Nigeria geared towards initiating young Nigerians into the booming Information Technology Sector.
  • Revolutionize Information Technology practice, guaranteeing optimal returns on investment
  • Maintain a high standard of professionalism in all services we render.
  • Remain a household name in Information Technology (IT).



  • To Provide Information Technology Services at an Affordable Cost, example Customizable Software, Web design,Intelligent Systems, Mobile Application Design, Cloud-Based Application and Embedded System Design.
  • To Provide Standard Information Technology Consultancy Services in Consonance with International Trends and Our Local Environments.
  • To Create Information Technology Enlightenment Through Workshop, Conference, Seminars, Talk Shows and other Related Medium for National Development.
  • To promote self-reliance in software design, development, application and usage, for the creation of national wealth.



We provide the under mentioned services to our clients with a Vision to create a long-term beneficial relationship through fast, reliable, efficient, effective and affordable services. Some of the services are: -

  • Software Development
  • Advanced Intelligent Database Development
  • Website Design, Development and Application
  • Cloud-Based Computing System Development
  • Computer & Internet Books Publishing
  • Installation and Configuration of Cloud-Servers
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Android Operating System Development
  • Security Systems Development
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Internet of the Thing
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Development
  • Internet of Things

Other Services

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google App Script Development
  • Google Action (AI) Development
  • Facebook Messenger Bot Development
  • Embedded System Development
  • IoT System Design & Development